How to choose reliable LED headlight

      As a representative of low carbon and environmental protection on the automotive lighting market, LED headlight has quickly become the darling of automotive lighting field, and the heat is exploding and showing a increasing trend.

      However, most LED headlights are not reliable on the market currently. How to avoid the risk of blind follow-up? What kind of the LED headlights are the best? How should we choose?


       First, we should know LED headlight is the role of automotive lighting, the most important is paving effect which are the ultimate purpose. When people talking about LED ,the first thing come to mind is energy saving, but low energy and power are not all the advantages of LED lights. In addition to energy saving, high safety factor, long life plant, high brightness, good paving effect and strong plasticity of the light source, this is the reason LED become the future trend. A nice led headlight show lower power, high brightness and good paving effect.  

      Another important factor is heat dissipation performance. LED illuminating will generate a lot of heat. if heat dissipation is not good, the led working temperature will increase. High temperature will affect the LED life and brightness, finally cause light decay.
       At present, the heat dissipation of LED headlights is divided into fan heat dissipation, braided structure heat dissipation and aluminum heat dissipation. The heat of LED headlights comes from LED chips. We need transmitted the heat from LED chips outward, through the heat dissipation structure. If a fan is used, the fan at the bottom can circulate air to form convection and good for heat dissipation. And for the braid and Aluminum parts , LED chips can only be cooled by heat conduction. Those three heat dissipation structure have its own advantages and dis advantages.
       At last, the LED headlights installation should be universality and applicability .The space of the car headlights is limited, so the LED headlight size must be suitability. The heat dissipation of braid and Aluminum parts is almost proportional to volume.so the heat dissipation of braid and Aluminum parts is also limited.

       Let’s make a conclusion, when we choose LED headlights it better to select products with lower power, high brightness, good paving effect and good heat dissipation performance.

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