Popular knowledge of mainstream car lights and its future development

      The headlights are eyes when driving at night. Nowadays, as the car headlights are developing rapidly, the demand of brightness, safety and energy saving are increasing more and more. the mainstream lights on the market include halogen headlights, HID (xenon head lights), LED lights and laser headlights. What are their respective advantage and disadvantage?  
       Many car owners are dissatisfied with the lights of the cars when driving at night. They have more or less thought about upgrading the lights system, but they are confused because they don’t know much about headlights. We will introduce the car lights later. 
       First is the halogen headlights, halogen headlights is the most common type. It is characterized by a warm yellow color beam and low brightness, which can only meet the basic use. Normally, the low beam is illuminated at a distance of about 30-40 meters and illuminated range is about 160°.But it doesn’t mean there is no advantage, the warm yellow lights penetration is the best in rainy or foggy days. 
      Then is the well-known HID lamp. HID beam is formed by activating a helium gas with a high-voltage current.it is high brightness, probably several times that of the halogen lamp. Due to high efficiency of converting electric energy into light, HID lamp is bright and saving power. However, its structure is complicated and needs to be use with a leans, the cast is high. So It is generally used on high-profile car models .
      At last two years, LED headlights become mainstream gradually, and it is also a topic promoted by major car companies. LED is applied on the brake light at first, and now on the headlights. Led is cold light source that illuminated by a solid semiconductor chip. It is characterized by energy saving , high brightness, fast lighting and shockproof. However its heat dissipation is a problem. If the heat dissipation design of the headlights is not good, it will cause light decay. 
     The last one is laser headlights. Don’t worry laser lamp is not destructively as we imaged. Three laser beams are emitted from the laser emitters in the lamp group. After passing through the mirror, the laser is focused to the yellow phosphor filter to generate white light. And a conical beam is formed after the white light pass through the refection bowl. The laser light does not cause any harm to people, and the its illumination distance is twice that of LED light. Currently, laser headlights is used in Audi, BMW and other luxury car brands. 
     Peoples are high expectative for and laser headlights. The laser light is cool but the price is very high. Now the LED headlights and HID is the better choice if you want to modified cars.  
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