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LED Car Light h7

LED Car Light h7
LED Car Light h7 LED Car Light h7   auto LED light
  • Description:Supper bright with 8000LM
  • Type: MSTAR-MS8-H7



Product Name: MS8 Small Size LED Car Light h7
Type: MSTAR-MS8-H7
Lumens: 4000Lumen one piece, 8000Lumen one set
LED chip brand: CSP
Voltage: DC12V-24V
Power: 24-32W
Color Temperature: 6500K 
Lifespan: ≥30000 hours
Work Tem: -40°C~+80°C
Warranty: 12months
Car Model: Universial
Packing: 2kits/box


The brightest  auto LED light
The powerful chips are designed to provide a cooler white light, with 6000K of color temperature. Provides increased visibility field (luminosity rating -4000 Lumens per bulb), Broaden and brightness means mare safety.
Longer Lifetime
Up to 30,000 hours of life span. 4 hours per day turn on, 20 years of use.
Faster Illumination
Instantly start-up within 0.001s. 
Heat dissipation
With Zinc-Aluminum alloy and high speed fan, the performance of heat absorb and spread is very good, keeps the bulbs cool and efficient as possible.
Easy Installation
without relay harness needed. Suitable for 99% different car models and installation can be completed in 20 minutes.
Outstanding Quality
Rated at an IP65 waterproof rating, as well as dust and shockproof rating. With high quality, the LED headlight is always ready for a new adventure wherever the road takes you 
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