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LED Headlight Bulb h1

LED Headlight Bulb h1
LED Headlight Bulb h1 led headlamp bulbs LED bulbs led headlamp Car led headlamp
  • Description:dual color auto LED light
  • Type: MSTAR-MD7-H1



Product Name: MD7 Dual Color LED Headlight Bulb h1
Type: MSTAR-MD7-H1
Material: 6063 aluminum
Lumens: 3200LM
LED chip brand:Two-color COB
LED Quantity: 2PCS/COB
Voltage: DC12V-24V
Color Temperature: 3200K/6000k                             
Beam angle : 320° 
Lifespan: ≥30000 hours
Work Tem: -40°C~+80°C
Warranty: 12months
Car Model: Universial
It is a dual color led headlamp bulbs
LED illuminate 6000K white light and 3500K yellow light, and is 0 second for light transformation. LEDs produce 380% brighter white light than the original halogen lamp, allow you to see further ahead. You can switch to yellow light during a rainy day, snowy day or foggy day. It let you don’t have trouble seeing in all weather conditions.
Longer Life Span
Up to 30,000 hours of lifetime, can be used for ten years.
Faster Illumination
0.0002 seconds of LEDs illumination time, allows the drivers with addition distance to react. 
Heat dissipation
With silence & high speed (9000RPM) fan and good heat sink design, car LED headlamp will make a good control on bulb operating temperature and prolong the life span.  
Easy Installation
LED bulbs design to fit the original socket and the wiring connector is same. Enough space for heat dissipation, no modifications to your vehicle. 
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