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LED Headlight Kit h7

LED Headlight Kit h7
LED Headlight Kit h7 LED Car Light bulbs auto LED lights
  • Description:360°brilliant illumination
  • Type: MSTAR-Mi9- H7



Product Name: Mi9 Super Shining Mini 360° LED Headlight Kit h7
Type: MSTAR-Mi9- H7
Lumens: 3200LM
LED chip brand: CSP
Voltage: DC12V-24V
Power: 28-32W
Color Temperature: 6500K
Input (A): 2.5A±0.2A 
Beam: 360° 
Lifespan: ≥30000 hours
Work Tem: -40°C~+80°C
Warranty: 12months
Car Repair Model: Universal


360° Light
Producing 360°brilliant illumination, no need adjust the beam angle to be optimized for headlight assembly, even paving effect. Powerful LEDs provide 4800 lumens output, more concentrated light and no dark zone compare to other 2 side or 4 side led auto light. Increase a wide visual field and greater distance for you to see and be seen from in all weather conditions. 
Longer Lifetime
With CSP LED chips, this auto LED lights can last as much as 30 times longer than the traditional bulb’s 1000-2000 hour lifespan. 
Faster Illumination
0.0001 seconds of LEDs illumination time, allows the drivers with addition distance to react. 
Heat dissipation
The fan is made of flame retardant material, silence & high speed (9000RPM), operating temp range of -40°C to +80°C. With high heat exposure, you can not only get the brightest, but the most dependable illumination.
Easy Installation
LED Car Light bulbs design to fit the original socket and the wiring connector is same, without cutting or modification. 
Outstanding Quality
High water, shock, dust and rumble-proof level. Weatherproof design up to IP68. 
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